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Andover Web Design Process

Building a website has never been easier. Andover Web Designers has the right mix of talent and experience to get your site ready in very little time.

We usually take less than two weeks to finish your website. Here is a rundown of the entire process:

1. Finalize Your Domain Name
If we can't get your first-choice domain name, we'll find other options for you. We can also have your first-choice domain name transferred to us if it's been reserved by a different website provider.

2. Decide a Logo
If you don't have a logo, we can design one for you.

3. Photo shoot
We can arrange a professional photo shoot for you at your request.

4. Present the Mockup
Andover Web designers always build websites from scratch. We never use pre-packaged templates, but if you happen to like an existing website, we can use it to influence your site's design.

After we've agreed on a design, we'll provide you with a mock-up of your home page. We'll finish the rest of the site once you approve the mock-up. Changes to the site can be made during any part of this process.

5. Convert to HTML
We'll convert your website to HTML after you approve the design. Next, we'll finish the rest of the pages and incorporate any changes you want. 

6. Launch the Website
We'll officially turn you into a proud website owner by activating your site after you've approved of it.

7. Payment
Andover Web Designers only charges you after your site is ready and activated. We only send you an invoice after you’ve confirmed you’re fully satisfied.
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